Your Product’s Most Important Question, What Does It Do?

The first thing to do when you begin bringing a product or service to life is to ask yourself, “what does it do?” A simple, almost silly question – yet it’s critically important. What, exactly, does the product do? What is it’s core value to the person(s) who will use it?

Write this answer down, in English.

Not marketing speak. Not tech speak. In English.

Once you have this written down, test it. Take it to three people who will use it and ask them how it resonates. What you’ll learn is that their definitions and descriptions of the core value will be different.

Modify your original statements.

Take this to three additional people and ask them the same question. You’ll likely have two to three more unique definitions and descriptions.

Map this information and find the common threads.

Modify your original statements.

Take the revised positioning to the same six people.

Now you’re close. That’s it … just close.

The moral of the story?

While the definition and value of a product begins with you, the definition and value of a product never end. Successful products and services are a constant refinement exercise to capture the imagination of your customer base, not create the next definition or value in a vacuum.