Own What You Pay For. A Novel Idea.

Earlier today Amazon announced MatchBook.

The NYT’s Bits blog has a great summary of the announcement.

Within the announcement, Russ Grandinetti, vice president of Kindle Content, said:

“A lot of people are really attached to the idea of sticking books on a shelf”

While people certainly are attached to the idea of sticking books on a shelf, they’re even more attached to the idea of owning the content they pay for. When the T’s and C’s of ebook services are really taken apart, many people have a problem paying for content (in a normal purchase process) and just having access to it v. actually owning the files.

I’ve done a lot of hands-on consumer research in this area so this isn’t opinion.

I’m quite confident in saying the idea that someone pays for something and then doesn’t have ownership of it doesn’t sit well with everyone.