Why Content Marketing Works

Content marketing works because we are hardwired to embrace stories. Not words strung together to be legible or to make some semblance of sense – actual stories that can be quickly told, deliver an impact and be shared just as quickly.

From the beginning of time, history has been most frequently recorded as a series of stories. This isn’t an accident. People shared the most important information in the most memorable way possible. The attention to detail in these stories was significant because it had life altering / life threatening consequences if the details were lost. This is why history (the stories) sustained over dozens of generations.

Move forward thousands of years and stories still maintain one of the deepest connections to our psyche … if not to keep us aware of life altering opportunities or life threatening consequences.

By creating, curating and embracing stories that are highly relevant to our needs (and serving of the brands / products / services they’re associated with), content marketing taps into the deepest reaches of our beings – to a core level of our subconscious that still remains active in our ability to retain knowledge and develop affinity that improves the quality of our lives … if not prolongs our lives.

While most products, services and brands aren’t life altering these days, by tapping into our genetic predisposition for maintaining history, they’re establishing themselves in identical fashions to the tales that have served as our emotional foundation for generations.

There’s a lot to be said for the effective implementation of stories.