Practice Gratitude


Friday the 13th.

There are countless things on your to do list today. Many of which (if not all) are of little to no interest as you race into a weekend certain to be full of family, pumpkins, apples, hikes, bike rides, pigskin and other assorted passages of fall.

Instead of hammering through your to do list today, take 15 minutes and practice gratitude. That’s it. 15 minutes.

Here’s how.

Find three (3) people:

  1. Someone who became a new customer this week.
  2. Someone who contacted your service / support operation with a problem.
  3. Someone who finished being a customer this week (project finished, stopped using your product / service / etc.)

Call your new customer, on the phone. Thank them for selecting your company, your product, your service. Let them know you appreciate their decision and their support of your efforts.

Call your existing customer who identified or encountered a problem this week, also on the phone. Thank them for taking the time to call you and let you know about the problem – so it can be fixed. It took considerable time from their schedule to make that call and engage with support to resolve the issue. Thank them for caring enough about your product / service to invest this time to make it better.

Finally, call a customer who has just finished being a customer. Do nothing more than thank them for their investment in your company, product and service. Don’t try and win them back. Don’t ask what worked and what didn’t work. Just say thank you.

If these individuals aren’t there when you call – leave a voice-mail message with the same content. You won’t likely receive a phone call back, but you will have left a significant impression.

There aren’t many ways to better allocate 15 minutes on a Friday.