Choose Your Headaches Wisely

The typical technical sales cycle is overwhelmed with data. Features beget functions which beget more features which somehow turn into something called “benefits” when marketing gets done playing with them.

It’s impossible for anyone to stay attuned to all of these variables. At best people are capable of recalling three (3) things from a conversation in the short term and one (1) thing in the mid to long term.

Focus on the one thing that matters to your customer or prospect as it will be different for each and every relationships – and it’s our job as marketing to make that scale and excel operationally.

The key tipping point to one thing? Headaches.

Don’t underestimate the importance of removing headaches for your prospects and clients.

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most – the attention to detail that no one else is worrying about because it isn’t “important enough” or “big enough” to be of value.

Removing headaches on a daily basis adds up quickly – especially when those headaches are attributable to improvements in efficiency, engagement, productivity and profitability.

Choose headaches wisely.