A 15 Minute Marketing Practice

“What’s the best way I can spend 15 minutes to improve my marketing?”

Not an atypical, first thing in the morning email, but certainly more direct than usual.

There are countless exercises one can conduct in 15 minutes. However, given the rapidly approaching holiday and budgeting season(s), my recommendation today was shop yourself.

Step outside of your operations and focus on the processes your customers and/or partners will go through to engage with you.

  • Are your landing pages up to date?
  • Are your product / service descriptions correct?
  • Are there meaningful use cases / proof points that are readily accessible on your site?
  • Is the contact information up to date?
  • Most importantly, are the calls to action properly connecting to your sales and support operations?

Too often as marketers we’re racing from meeting to meeting, from fire to fire without taking the proactive time to look back and see where we actually are.

It takes 15 minutes (less, actually) to go through the quick checklist noted above and make sure everything is smooth, timely, relevant and properly presented for your customers and partners.

…and it’s all done before lunch.