What’s Wrong with Marketing?

If you’re looking for a microcosm of what’s wrong with marketing today, look no further than USA Basketball’s World Basketball Festival 2014 press release.

I’m pretty sure when most people read this they’ll zero in on the contributions the festival will make to Chicago and neighboring communities – as they should.

However, when you read into the details of the festival, specifically the opening ceremonies, it gets a bit more interesting, at least from a marketing point of view:

As part of the ceremony, consumers will hear from their favorite basketball players and coaches as well as interact with USA Basketball product collections.

Suddenly we’re no longer people or fans. We’re consumers. Now that we’re consumers, we’ll have the opportunity to “interact” with product collections.

Interact with USA Basketball product collections.

We want you to be excited about what’s happening, about what is being brought to your city … but most of all we want you to interact with product collections.

That’s a pretty fancy way of saying buy stuff.┬áThat’s a pretty sad commentary, too, on the state of what’s important.





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