Hey, I’m Chris.

I’m the founder and chief strategist for BlueLoop Concepts - a boutique research, strategy & advisory firm. I work with companies to increase marketshare and profitability by helping them make data-informed decisions about their market, customers, competition, products and services.

This blog is specifically focused on the learn . know . believe model that I’ve created to help companies successfully bring products and services to market. This model lies at the intersection of a number of disciplines – technology, customer service / satisfaction, consumer psychology, business strategy, market research, user experience design, behavioral economics – all of which meaningfully contribute to a customer’s decision to pursue and engage with a product or service.

learn . know . believe is a result of twenty years of experience working in the enterprise and consumer technology markets. This model has been honed in building early stage, credit card capital backed companies as well by helping fully mature, Fortune 100 organizations solve real-world product and service challenges.

This blog exclusively focuses on learn . know . believe because I want to help companies with their challenges by sharing my experiences and ongoing education.

Like all things in life, this blog is a work in progress – part of the journey that I’ve chosen to travel. I hope you enjoy it and welcome your feedback.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.